Precious Metals



Precious Metals Products :

– Gold
– Silver

Gold is traded products to 100 troy oz, it means gold paired with the USD. Many holders of gold store it in form of gold coins or bars as a hedge against inflation or other economic disruptions. However, some economists do not believe gold serves as a hedge against inflation or currency depreciation. Gold is represented by the symbol XAU and XAG Silver with symbols.

Many members are just beginning to discover the ability to trade gold in the forex market. Before the 1990s, the forex market is the exclusive investment initially dominated by major banks and financial institutions. However, the current ability to trade gold against other currencies especially the Dollar US and is now available to retail members. That means that you can log in and trade gold with 24 hours of home mirescapital trading platform.

Learn the market and trading patterns for a while and practice by creating artificial trading. When you are ready, you can try in Gold Futures Trading. You can limit your risk by including a stop sell order with each trade.

It is a command to automatically sell if the price drops within a certain amount and is a good way to limit your losses and you will lose money on some trades. Successful traders in gold futures are the ones who can limit their losses as well take advantage of profit opportunities.


Precious Metals Contract Specification :

  1. Trade gold and silver with no-requotes
  2. Benefit from highly liquid market
  3. Benefit from lowest spreads in the market
  4. Opportunity to profit with high volatility


Symbol Tick size Lot size Avg*spread


Volume (lots)
Min Max
XAUUSD 0.01 1 Lot = 100 troy oz 50  0.01 20
XAGUSD 0.001 1 Lot = 5 000 troy oz 5  0.01 20